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Property Managment

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When we have new clients come to us in need of property management, we ask them what they are looking for in a property management company. Time and time again, we are told that it is too much work to manage a rental property. From finding a tenant to abiding by the ever changing California tenant laws, it quickly becomes a full-time job. 

Now we pose the question to you: Is property management becoming a full-time job and too time consuming? Will your New Year’s Resolutions remain unmet if you continue managing your own property? Let us help you meet your resolutions by taking care of your home.

Work Done For You

You may be wondering how Ferguson Property Management can help give you your time back? It’s easy, we do everything that you and your tenants could ever need.

Through our transparent procedures, we keep you in the loop of everything we do. We list, show, and coordinate the rental process to get your home to the right tenant. Then we negotiate, prepare, and enter into a Lease Agreement with the tenants on your behalf. We then collect all rent, utilities, and other fees that then deposit your funds directly into your account. Talk about easy, passive income! 

When repairs and maintenance come up, we coordinate everything with our trusted vendors. If the repair is under $250, we will dispatch our vendors without disrupting your busy schedule. If you ever want to check in on your property, our online Owners Portal allows easy access to statuses and updates wherever you are.

No matter what happens with your home, we are there to help both you and your tenants in the best ways possible. So throw your feet up and enjoy having your time back.

Trusted Care

Your good reputation is our good reputation. We don’t just say that we are trustworthy property managers, we prove it through our guarantees and actions. First and foremost, there are no hidden fees. All costs are laid out and explained before signing. You don’t even have to pay until your property has been rented out to tenants! How’s that for your actions backing up your words. Not to mention, we also have guarantees that can give you better peace of mind.

Good Pet Guarantee

Renting can be scary when you not only open your home up to people, but to their pets. From Babe to Air Bud, there is a wide variety of animals that people consider pets and bring into their home. 

With Ferguson PM there is no need to worry if your tenants will have well-behaved animals, we have a good pet guarantee. We guarantee that your home will not be damaged by any pet that we approve of. If any damages do occur, we will pay up to $1,000 of pet damages that exceeds the security deposit. Focus on you, we’ve got this part.

No Eviction Guarantee

We scan our tenants thoroughly, but things happen. That is why we have our No Eviction Guarantee. This allows for you to have peace of mind no matter who rents your home. If we have to evict a tenant we placed for non-payment of rent, we will cover the eviction up to $1,200! That is the average cost of court and attorney fees so you don’t have to worry about a single cent. Talk about cost-efficient.

Here’s to 2022!

Make 2022 the best you can make it! With Ferguson Property Management, you get the time back you need to start checking off your New Year’s Resolutions.