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Marley and Me, The Secret Life of Pets, Beethoven, and so many more movies have made Americans fall in love with pets. From their funny reactions to their companion-like  qualities, it is no wonder that over 70% of U.S. households own a pet. 70% sums up to approximately 90.5 million families in the U.S., and with numbers so high, it is obvious  why such a large number of renters want to be able to have pets. 

​​It can be wearisome to landlords to open up their homes to pets; that is why we are here to help. Join us as we explore tips for keeping your rental in the best shape when renters have pets and how partnering with a property management company can protect you from renters.

Pet-Friendly Rental Tips

  • Replace All Carpet With Waterproof Flooring
    • No matter how good a pet is, accidents happen. Installing waterproof flooring will keep your floors always looking brand new no matter what happens.
  • Replace Light Fixtures That Have Exposed Cords
    • It is best to remove all possibilities of a cord getting tangled on a pet, and in an attempt to escape, the pet brings the light fixture down.
  • Install Corner Protectors On Walls
    • To keep your walls in the best shape, it is a good idea to add corner protectors, adding an additional layer of protection for those constant run-ins.
Cat on newly installed waterproof flooring

Pet Approval Guarantee

Not only will property managers help you with your day-to-day management of  properties, but they also help you screen your applicants to find the best tenants. The applicants include not only the people living there but also their furry friends. 

Before letting any pet owner rent out a property, we meet with their pet and make sure they meet our standard of a good pet. We guarantee your home will not be damaged by any pets we approve. We believe this so much that we will pay any damages up to $1,000 over the security deposit.

Tenants Love Them, We Help You Take Care Of Them

With such a high percentage of households owning pets, the chances your renters will want to have pets are very high. That’s where we come in. With our Good Pet Guarantee, you can rest assured that nothing will happen to your home, and if it does, we have you covered.