Rental Property Maintenance

Maintenance Property Management

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New Section 8 Regulations: Essential Information for Landlords

Section 8 housing plays an important role in providing affordable housing options for low-income individuals…

Everyone who has rented has had to make the awkward call to their landlords to come fix something. Whether the dishwasher starts leaking or the a/c stops working, things happen, and repairs have to be made. With Ferguson Property Management, we take the awkward renter-landlord relationship and throw it out the window. Landlords no longer have to deal with calls from tenants, and tenants no longer have to worry about when repairs will be done.

Maintenance In A Tenant Occupied Home

We have created a system that keeps our landlords from having to deal with all the nitty gritty details. When tenants need maintenance done, they submit a maintenance request via their online tenant portal. Our portal is user-friendly and allows tenants to submit their requests with photos and a description of the problem.

Once the request is submitted, our team works with the tenant on troubleshooting the problem or sends out a technician if it needs immediate attention. The technician will contact the tenant to schedule a time most convenient for them. 

All repairs under $250 are completed without having to bother the landlord. The invoice is submitted to us, and we will pay it on the owner’s behalf. A copy of the vendor’s invoice will be added to the owner’s portal as well for review if the owner would like to. 

If a repair is over $250 and is not an emergency, we will contact the landlord for owner approval. Tenants are responsible for the cost of the repair when the maintenance issue is caused by the tenant’s improper usage or negligence.

Rental property maintenance being done on a dishwasher.

 Maintenance In A Vacant Home

If a home is unoccupied and needs to have maintenance done for the next tenant, the owner has two options. Either they can do all the repairs, or we can. Once the home has a tenant, all repairs and maintenance have to go through our preferred vendors.

Who Does The Work?

Our certified vendors are the best we have found in the area, and all do the following: 

  • Sign our vendor agreement –  they must agree to a certain standard and a code of conduct
  • Carry insurance
  • Consistently deliver great service and quality work

We work closely with these businesses in all of our rentals, so when we say they know what they are doing, they do!

Give Up The Task of Managing Your Property

Keeping up with all that goes into property management is hard work. Join the hundreds of landlords in the Greater Sacramento Area who trust us to take care of everything with their rental property.