Top 5 Reasons You Need to Hire A Property Manager

Property Management

 by Tytanium Ideas


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With real estate investments come responsibilities. Although being a landlord greatly boosts your wealth and equity, rent collection can be a headache. We get it; sometimes, it can feel like more than you bargained for when you’re left to do it alone. That’s why working with a trusted property management company is essential for any landlord. 

So, what is a certified property manager? Recognized as experts within their field, a property manager is a designated individual who oversees the ins and outs and daily operations of a real estate property or a unit. 

5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Property Manager in 2023

As a landlord and a real estate investor, your life is already busy enough. We get it; there are far more important things to focus on besides making sure your tenants pay their rent. Plus, renovations and maintenance can be quite overwhelming. Ferguson PM is here to help you with your rental property management needs. With property management, you can have all the following and more!

Long-Term Savings

Maximize the profitability of your investment by hiring a property management company. Not only will they do the heavy leg work for you, but they will also only take 6%-10% of your property’s monthly rent. This sum is typically less expensive than when you hire an independent contractor to take care of your property. Think of it this way; you will get better tenants that will stay longer due to the property management’s diligent background screening. Further facilitating long-term passive income from your rental property.

 Years of Valuable Experience

By hiring a property management company, you ensure your investment is in the right hands. From advertising, showing the property, and completing thorough background checks, your property management company is there to serve you. With Ferguson PM, you’re also likely to increase the value of your investment through preventative maintenance. Frequent maintenance inspections with a set schedule and written documentation are key to keeping your rental property free of unnecessary repairs.

Trusted Vendor Selection

Once you hire a property management company, you will have access to an extensive selection of reputable vendors and independent contractors. There is no need to stress about minor maintenance issues that can become bigger problems later. With trusted property management on your side, like Ferguson PM, your investment will be properly taken care of so you can rest easy. Not to mention, you’ll also save money because Ferguson gets great deals on maintenance since they work with vendors on a large scale.

Saves You Time

Time is money! Your hands should be free to spend time with your family or focus on the things that matter to you. Let a professional property manager do the heavy lifting instead! Now you’re free to look for other investment options or further your career. The choice is yours!

Peace of Mind

Save yourself the unnecessary headache of tenant screening, property advertising, maintenance, repairs, and more with Ferguson PM! Not to mention, a single bad tenant could lead to costly legal battles. Do you know the law inside and out regarding eviction procedures, proper notices, and lead or mold disclosures? How about housing and building codes or fair housing regulations? Save yourself the trouble and hire a professional property management company you can count on.

Get Started With Ferguson PM Today!

Expertise in property management is always helpful, especially when you’re not sure where to start. We can help you! Ferguson Property Management ensures you are equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to have a successful landlord journey. After all, you’ve worked hard for the investment you currently own. You deserve somebody to oversee the day-to-day operations so you can live stress-free, knowing your rental property is thoroughly protected. Get started and explore your rental management options today!