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You might imagine that Roseville’s #1 rated property management business would be a large corporation, maybe even a chain, to keep so many tenants and owners well cared for and happy. But with Ferguson Property Management, that isn’t the case. We have earned a spot in the hearts of tenants and owners alike, focusing on superior service, transparency, and trust. As an award-winner two years running, we are growing fast. However, Ferguson’s attention to detail and expertise isn’t new; we have been serving the community for the last twenty years. Ferguson PM is exceptionally knowledgeable of the market here, and we are well-versed in California’s landlord-tenant laws.

Homeowners Absolutely Shout Their Praises

Owners can be found far and wide boasting about the excellent service they receive from Ferguson PM. And their glowing reviews don’t stop at a simple “five stars,” they genuinely love explaining exactly how Ferguson PM has made all the difference. For many homeowners, the financial gains have them praising Ferguson. For example, Alex shared, “Their years of property management experience optimizes your property investments so that you don’t have to deal with the stress and problems that can arise. They will maximize your rental income and occupancy rates and keep your property occupied with qualified tenants. They have helped our family for the past five years.” 

For homeowner and client James, Ferguson’s partnership stands out because “They’ve managed my property for just over three years, and their service has been top-notch. The owner, Dan, and his staff are very easy to work with, professional, and have handled my property responsibly and with care.” 

And yet, for other owners like Regena, it has been the level of confidence in Ferguson PM. “When I first met with Dan at my property, he went over all the details of his company and how everything worked. As a single woman, I needed someone I could trust. He has high standards to qualify for his rentals, and I’m so glad he does. I have never had a tenant who has ever been late with their rent.” 

Landlords And Neighbors Love Ferguson PM

Homeowners embrace the quality of renters Ferguson PM finds for them, “The selection of renters has been excellent, even the neighbors say so, and no damages have occurred. Any maintenance requests by the tenants have been handled promptly, and I have never received a complaint from them about the service. The account info on the website, and the reports by email, take care of everything I need to do for taxes and to verify the amounts deposited to my account,” says homeowner R Roe. 

Trustworthy Since Day One

The comments you read by owners frequently speak to the many, many years they have worked with Ferguson PM. “They manage 11 properties for me. As per other reviewers, the entire team led by Dan as the role model is extremely professional, thorough, fair, excellent communicators, and overall just a pleasure to work with. These days it’s rare to find a company who can make your life easy from day 1, and I know they’ve had a wide variety of challenges and issues to manage and work through with my homes! Not only do I highly regard them, but my tenants also comment on their willingness to work collaboratively and treat them with respect,” explains Gerry. 

From Local To Out Of State Landlords

Many more are out-of-state owners who need a trusted partner. “The Ferguson Group has been helping me manage my Rocklin rental for almost three years. This includes rental preparation, tenant screening, tenant move-in, and day-to-day property management. I must say they have done a fantastic job to make my remote landlord experience a breeze. Dan is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent insights in the rental market of Placer and Sacramento counties,” explains Donald.

Renters Also Love Ferguson PM

Renters have a large list of reasons for finding Ferguson PM to be the best-renting experience they’ve ever had. Renter Mike explained, “Probably not a more professional, ethical, and honest property manager in the area than Ferguson Property Management. They have clear and transparent policies and processes that I never have to question. They have always been very responsive and attentive when I was a renter and now as a property manager.” Renter Kristen shares, “My family and I have rented from the Ferguson Group for the past five years, and the experience was better than any rental management we have ever worked with. We loved the ability to pay rent and put in maintenance requests online.”

Tenants find Ferguson PM very easy to work with, making the rental experience painless. Joe says, “Everyone I come into contact with not only goes above and beyond for me, they are really nice people. Very quick and helpful responses, they are always there for their tenants.” 

Renter Ashley agrees, “We rented from Ferguson Property Management for over a year now, and the gals in the office are awesome. They are always quick to respond to any problems we’ve had, and they get repairs done fast. I referred my dad to Ferguson so they could manage his property in Folsom, and they have been great on that end as well.”

Let Our Award-Winning Management Take Care of Your Rental!

Ferguson PM is here to help you navigate the renting process and help you have a great experience. With praises from homeowners and tenants, you can see Ferguson PM takes good care of both parties. With stress-free property management, you will never have to think about your rental again. Get in touch today to see how Ferguson PM can help.