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New Section 8 Regulations: Essential Information for Landlords

Section 8 housing plays an important role in providing affordable housing options for low-income individuals…

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The world is full of great partnerships. For decades, novels, comic books, and cinema have made us root for the dynamic duos. From Batman and Robin to Han Solo and Chewbacca, we yearn for the partners to defeat evil and save the day. While the “evil” differs from story to story, the right partners always save the day! At Ferguson Property Management, we are the trusted partner to care for your investment. With so much going on in today’s world, it can feel like the world is against you. If you partner with us, we can help you defeat the “evils” of renting and get you back to enjoying life. Join us as we discuss the property management partnership that will last a lifetime.

Choosing property management partner

When choosing your partner, your ally, your side-kick, or whatever you’d like to call it, you have to go in knowing they have your back. If you can’t fully trust your partner, there is no point in pairing up. You will always be double-checking, looking over your shoulder, and worried the other won’t live up to their promises. 

The good news is we are the best property management partnership in the Greater Sacramento Area. You may be wondering how we know this? We have been voted Roseville’s #1 Property Management Company two years in a row.

Still unsure if we are the right partner for you? Let us share how we “fight evil” and allow for you to have worry-free property management.

Caring for Your Property As Our Own

It can be hard to hand the keys over, especially when your rental property is where you once lived. Rest assured, we care for your property like you care for your property. Whether you have just one rental or ten, we treat them all with the same respect. It is easy to drop off your keys with Ferguson PM with transparent policies and one price.

Treating Your Tenants Like Family

One concern many landlords have when coming to us is that their tenants will get lost in the shuffle of property management. We prioritize your tenants and provide them with everything they need to thrive in your rental. From assigning a personal property manager to helping tenants through hard times (like COVID-19), we make sure no one gets lost in the shuffle.

No Cost Till Your Property Rents

Sometimes the “evil” in rentals is finding a qualified tenant. To fight this “evil,” we don’t charge you a penny until your property rents. Making your only fees come out of the rent itself. How is that for stress-free renting?

Join Ferguson

Years of experience and commitment to great service makes us a reliable choice for property management. Choose Ferguson Property Management as your trusted partner in the Greater Sacramento Area and start experiencing being a landlord in a whole new way. Fight off the “evils” of managing your property with your newest sidekick, Ferguson PM.