What Exactly is the Landlord Responsible for When it Comes to Property Maintenance?


 by Dan Ferguson


New Section 8 Regulations: Essential Information for Landlords

Section 8 housing plays an important role in providing affordable housing options for low-income individuals…

It’s a time-old debate: What exactly is the landlord responsible for when it comes to property maintenance and what responsibility falls upon the tenant? Each state has developed its own tenant laws in an effort to make the details more clear for both parties. California is one of the leading states in differentiating responsibilities between landlord and tenant, making a sure-fire way to know where you stand.

Landlord Responsibilities At-A-Glance

1. Habitability

The main responsibility of the landlord is to ensure that the rental remains habitable. This includes reliable heat and water, reasonable protection from criminal activities, and more. If these needs are not met, the tenant may enact their rights of withholding rent, breaking the lease, or pursuing legal action.

2. Notice of Entry

Although landlords may be the owners of the rental property, they and their representatives must give a 24-hour notice before entering the premises. This includes repairs or maintenance. However, there is an exception to this whenever there is an emergency situation that requires an immediate response. 

3. Visibility

The visibility aspect of a landlord refers to an adequate description of the leased premises and transparent terms on the rental agreement. This also leads to the availability of landlords to their tenants to report liability concerns, emergencies, and other property-related topics.

4. Collecting Rent and Other Administrative Duties

These responsibilities are the most known and understood by landlords. A landlord will collect rent as stated in the lease agreement while also taking care of taxes, various utilities, financials, and other administrative duties.

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