There’s So Many Options. What Should You Be Looking For?

Property Management

 by Dan Ferguson


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We know how overwhelming rental properties can be, especially if you’re renting more than one. It’s often difficult to know how best to market and manage your properties in order to see maximum profits. The time commitment, unanticipated occurrences, and the stress associated with self-managing these affairs can often be exhausting and even making the property owner feel like it’s not worth it, but that’s where professional property management comes in. Professional Property Managers with years of marketing and rental experience are ready to assume the responsibility of oversight and management of your property in a manner that promotes qualified and committed renters, thereby allowing maximum potential return on your holdings.

Yet, with so many options out there, how can you know which Property Management Company is the best fit for you? With over twenty years of experience and proven success, Ferguson Property Management is utilizing our extensive rental property management knowledge to provide this guide to help you find the most qualified property management team based on your specific needs.

1. Property-Type Expertise

As a first step, it’s important to identify property management companies with experience managing properties similar to yours. With so many types of property out there, it’s no surprise that many management companies focus on a niche market that may not be the right match for the services you need. Whether it’s commercial, residential, or other, having the right team with the expertise in your property-type can make the difference in your property’s long-term profitability.

2. Single vs. Multi-Property

Do you have multiple properties that need to be managed? Making sure that your prospective property management team has the resources and skill to handle all of your needs, be it one property or everything in your portfolio, is critical to the stability and profitability of your property or properties.

3. Knowing How You’d Like To Be Represented

Your property management company is typically the first point of contact between you and your renters. How they interact with your current and future tenants reflects on you and your values as a landlord. Making sure that your Management Team holds the same standards and levels of professionalism as you will give peace of mind that your affairs are being handled in a trustworthy manner.

4. What Services Do You Require?

Property management companies may offer different levels of service based on your specific property needs. Knowing how involved in each of the processes you’d like to be as a landlord is among the first steps in finding the right management partnership. Whether you just need some assistance with tenant management, property repairs, or you are looking for a full-service company to manage it all, knowing what services you need covered can help you choose the right Management Team for your specific property needs. 

5. Understanding The Fees Associated

The level of property management services provided will determine the amount of fees you are charged. Understanding the fees up front allows you to make a more informed decision in the hiring process and while also promoting a trustworthy partnership from both ends. That is why we at Ferguson Property Management believe in complete transparency in everything we do, and we will ensure that our fees are clearly outlined, understood, and agreed upon before entering in any agreement with the property owner.

6. Do Your Research

Every company’s story is different. Look into their experience, qualifications, reviews, and their portfolio. When it comes to placing your trust in a company to manage and provide for the long-term success of your rental property, there can never be  too much research done to verify their qualifications. 

7. Is Their Commitment The Same As Yours?

You may have a lot riding on successfully obtaining a tenant but your commitment doesn’t end there. Look for a company that is dedicated to not only finding you quality renters, but keeping them. At Ferguson Property Management, we are committed to you and the continued success of your rental property every step of the way, from first signing to our No Eviction Guarantee

You don’t have to be in this alone. Enjoy stress-free property management with Ferguson. We’ll handle the heavy lifting and manage your property in a professional, competent, and successful manner consistent with your investment objectives. Give us a call today to learn about what we can do for you.