We Help Landlords Avoid the Spooky Stuff

Landlord Maintenance

 by Tytanium Ideas


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Fall has arrived with crisp air and things that go bump in the night. Ferguson Property Management is here to help you avoid the truly spooky stuff, like renter and property issues. Nothing frightens us, from preparing for wear from stormy weather to the unexpected events the seasons can bring, we are ready. 

Heater Issues Will Give Renters The Chills

Most landlords realize having a heat source available to their tenants is just good property management, but did you know if it takes longer than 30 days to get a repair service out to fix it they renter can take it out of the rent? Maintenance on the heater appliances at your property is key to avoiding this scary prospect and finding any issues before they arise during the busy period, where scheduling an affordable service might take longer. 

Be Prepared for the Dark and Stormy Nights

Winter storms can also put a scary amount of leaves in home gutters causing rain water to collect on the roof and spring leaks. Having a roof service or rain gutter cleaning service is highly advisable to avoid these issues that can lead to frightening roof bills. Clogged gutters can allow the water into stucco and cause water damage on interior walls. Water pouring into your landscaping incorrectly can also pool at areas that can cause damage to the greenery and worst case to the home’s foundation.

Let us Be The Lifeline for Your Renters So You Can Go Enjoy the Holidays 

We are always the first line of communication with your renters, but should we need to reach you we always work with your preferred methods of communication whenever possible. And should you simply want a break, we work with whomever you deem to help on your behalf during your absence. Ferguson Property Management takes the worry out of renting by being flexible with our landlords, but completely accessible to renters at the same time. It’s part of our commitment to being a superior property management service! Please contact us today for a quote to see how we can help this spookiest of seasons.