We’re Thankful For You!

Customer Service

 by Dan Ferguson


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For more than fourteen years now, we’ve had the privilege of serving our community in various ways in the housing industry. In that time, we’ve experienced a lot of things that have contributed to how Ferguson Property Management is shaped today. 

The greatest takeaway from the time that has passed is that none of this happens without you. It takes a strong team of individuals that are skilled and provide great care for our greatest asset…you! So, it seems only appropriate in a month where every American is poised with pause to look upon his or her life and give thanks for all of the blessings within it. Two very important dates this month are Veterans Day and Thanksgiving where reflection of gratitude swells – unveiling within our hearts. It sure did in ours, and we cannot begin to share how grateful we are for you.

Great Service Makes Us A Reliable Choice For Property Management

We know that every property management company all claims “great customer service.” At Ferguson Property Management, we pride ourselves on taking the status quo out of the equation and embrace every attribute of what great service truly means by indulging you in an experience like no other. 

Things like:

  • No eviction guarantee
  • Good pet guarantee
  • Take on the heavy-lift of managing
  • Hands-on approach to assist busy schedules or out-of-state landlords
  • Exclusive 100 point property condition evaluation
  • AppScore applicant scoring system
  • Free Air Filter replacements
  • …just to name a few!

Some of the greatest rewards we receive are from our amazing tenants and landlords we work with when they share Ferguson Property Management with others. Referrals are a huge part of who we are and another channel our gratitude flows. In fact, we have a few folks that had these great things to say:

“We refer everyone we know to FPM. They are professional, efficient, experienced, upfront, and helpful. We highly recommend speaking with Dan. He’s a gem! He will be able to help you rent, manage a rental, buy, or sell.”  –  Jennie P.

“I’m so glad I found Ferguson Property Management. They are so responsive and professional, it makes it a joy to rent my home from them. The woman in maintenance is also really helpful. Excellent company and staff!”  – Terry W.

In closing, we say thank you for being who you are, allowing FPM to be a part of your life, and we look forward to many years ahead of the same. We honor our Veterans and say thank you. And, we wish you and yours a very joyful and memorable Thanksgiving.
To learn more about Ferguson Property Management, come visit us here. We can’t wait to meet you!