Setting Your 2021 Property Goals

Landlord Maintenance

 by Dan Ferguson


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As we head into the final days of 2020, it’s the perfect time to look ahead to 2021 by setting goals for the new year. We know many of you are more than ready to put 2020 in the past, but if there’s one thing this year has proven, it’s that the housing market is resilient and a great place to invest your money. So if you own – or are considering owning – a rental property in Roseville and the surrounding area, here are our top three recommendations for setting up your 2021 property goals to help you grow your real estate investment.


Owning a rental property can have a direct impact on your short-term cash flow as well as your long-term wealth. Whether you’re considering becoming a landlord for the first, or you already own one property and you’re considering diversifying your property portfolio, it’s important to do your research to find a property that meets your needs. While that may sound obvious, it’s really all about running the numbers. Beyond the price of the property, some other calculations to consider include property taxes, insurance, utilities and other monthly costs. 


Are there aspects of your property that need to be updated or fixed? Or perhaps some larger projects around the property that once completed, would increase its value? These types of home improvements are a great place to start! Try to focus on renovations that are relatively simple and easy – such as painting a room, refinishing your cabinets and floors or adding personal details such as a backsplash or custom light fixture. 


Of course we saved the best goal for last! We believe that being a landlord doesn’t need to be stressful or take up more time than you have to give. That’s why we’ve created a completely transparent process that keeps you in the loop every step of the way while we handle all the heavy lifting! This means that we’ll coordinate marketing for your home, conduct rigorous background screenings to ensure we find you a qualified tenant, handle any necessary maintenance and repairs, and so much more! The goal of our process is to provide peace of mind for both you and your tenants. 
No matter what your 2021 property goals look like, when it comes to making these goals a reality we know how important it is to have a partner who cares for your home the same way you do. With 20+ years of experience in property management, we look forward to becoming that partner you can trust. Ready to get started? So are we!